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Are LED Lights Safe? How LED Lights Might Be Unexpectedly Affecting Your Health

Are LED Lights Safe? How LED Lights Might Be Unexpectedly Affecting Your Health

Trends change, but certain styles and design elements remain timeless. Short-lived trends, while distinctive, can date a home and make it seem old-fashioned and undesirable. By contrast, truly classic trends fit into any space at any time. As we’ve watched the market, we’ve seen some very popular trends that show plenty of staying power. If you’re debating how to update your home, these trends may be right for you. This Hubble Bubble Chandelier from Moooi offers just one of many examples. Bubble globes with an iridescent finish surround the inner, circular construction to create an image of eternal beauty.


The style reaches back to the origins of modern lighting, with echoes of the Industrial Revolution in each unassuming fixture.

 Practical and clean, the timeless form known as industrial or urban lighting tops the list of designs with staying power. The style reaches back to the origins of modern lighting, with echoes of the Industrial Revolution in each unassuming fixture. Beauty and function come together wonderfully in the ageless, practical look. 

 See, for example, how Tom Dixon’s Melt Large LED Pendant Light oozes with visual delight and showcases its appeal, which is simultaneously lasting and contemporary.  


Cadence LED Bath Bar


A statement piece sets the overall design theme for any space. It serves as the first of the multiple layers of illumination that are key to any great lighting design. A bold chandelier, flashy semi-flush mounts, or splendid sconces all can serve as a room’s statement piece. These core décor elements have much more visual impact than simply lighting a space, and can challenge traditional style norms. Statement pieces draw the eye and add some pizzazz to functional spaces. Add one to your important space and marvel at its stunning visual effect.

The energy-efficient Random LED Pendant Lights from LODES illustrates how a good lighting element makes a design statement. Its minimalist-inspired suspension system focuses attention on the way its blown-glass bubbles form artistic elegance.



Ocularc 3.5 Round Wall Wash LED Recessed Trim

Most style trends incorporate natural elements in some way. That’s because natural elements like alabaster can be adapted to complete any style and space.

The best trends incorporate natural elements in some way because they can be adapted to complete any style and space. They can, for example, make a home or hospitality space feel more airy, open and welcoming. Alabaster – which has been used since ancient times and adds a rich, elegant luster – shows how natural materials can be adapted to modern styles and functionality.

Visual Comfort, for example, makes its Melange LED Wall Light in a slender alabaster capsule, allowing the naturally beautiful stone to impart a warm, earthy sensibility to an entry or living area.


In the 1970s, a certain yellow-green became the decade’s signature color. These days, if you walk into a room furnished with that hue, you’ll suspect that you’ve gotten trapped in an interior decorator’s worst nightmare. The truth is, this year’s trendy color may seem garish or out-of-date in a very short time. But certain colors and finishes stay in style even as the years pass – and brushed brass remains at the top of this timeless list.

It’s been around since candlesticks held primitive lighting made from beeswax, wicks and flame. It remained the go-to metal in fine homes and public spaces as technology moved from gas lamps to electric bulbs. In the 21st Century, brushed brass is just as appropriate in modern design as it was in years past. But today, designers and consumers can select from a range of hues, including polished or matte finishes.

The Bari Chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting offers a great starting place to explore the limitless and long-lasting potential of brushed brass. Its multi-tiered composition of polished glass rods, perpendicular brass arms, and thick lamp holders pays homage to the iconic Italian mid-century lighting designs, by mixing a little contemporary verve with its metal fixture and shapely light bulbs.


Renee 3 Light Semi-Flush Mount

The icons: instantly recognizable and forever in style. In music, they include Beethoven and Mozart, while in cinema they encompass great stars like Sidney Poitier and Katharine Hepburn. The lighting design business embraces icons, too, with many of these creations gracing fine homes, commercial buildings, hospitality spaces and even modern art museums. Some icons in the modernist and Mid-Century design movements actually debuted as early as the 1930, yet their styles (and imitators) remain popular even now.

One example is the Twiggy Floor Lamp from Foscarini, seen here, with its clean lines, whimsical profile and total functionality. Available in several colors and finishes, the Twiggy suite of lamps suit almost any home or commercial space.

Other icons in the lighting design world include George Nelson’s Saucer Lamps from Hermann Miller; the Snoopy Table Lamp from FLOS; and Robert Abbey’s Sputnik Chandelier, all of which can be found at City Lights San Francisco and our website.

City Lights is proud to offer the great icons of the lighting world, as well as many new styles and products that will become iconic in the years ahead.


Homes and commercial spaces with certain, timeless lighting design features have a better resell and leasing value than outdated houses, offices and hospitality spaces that haven’t keep pace with the market. By embracing a few long-lasting design trends, you’ll add value to your building, freshen both the interior and exterior, spark some pizzazz and feel great about where you live and work. 

At City Lights, we’re committed to giving you the best products in any style, so we’ll help you find one that speaks to you.

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