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LIGHTING THE WAY: Getting to Know the Leaders of City Lights SF

At City Lights SF, our whole team shares a passion for lighting. Lighting adds warmth and focus to suit your needs and moods. It provides security for your care and safety. It gleams and refracts to delight your eye with beauty and wonder. Equal to City Lights SF's passion for lighting is our passion for people. It is, after all, people are our customers. People are in every space we light, every customer interaction we have, and it is the brightness inside the people who lead City Lights SF that inspires our team every day to offer clients the best of ourselves and our lighting services. We sat down with Nina Klotz, Owner, and Tina Jones, President and Co-owner, to learn more about the special vibe behind-the-scenes that helps keep City Lights SF in the spotlight. 

Nina's welcoming demeanor and immense smile must be among the reasons that team members demonstrate such longevity with City Lights SF. People choose to stay here for twenty years or more, taking on different roles and honing their skills. While staff longevity originates in part from our leaders' kindness, it's also founded upon their instincts for hiring a cohesive and caring team of designers and sales people. According to Nina, "When building a staff and hiring people, they really have to have a passion for lighting and a love of working with people." Nina knows who fits that bill, and her knack for bringing the right people on board is evidenced by Tina's recent move into City Lights SF's presidency.

Tina and Nina share a palpable bond as mentor and mentee who have spent decades together cultivating a loyal workplace. "Nina became a mentor and allowed me to grow with the company, exploring everything from accounting to bulbs," Tina recalls. In her twenty-five-year (and counting!) tenure with City Lights SF, Tina knows the company from top to bottom, generously passing her knowledge to those around her. Listening is an invaluable piece of advice that Tina emphasizes when designers meet a client for the first time and embark on a new project: "Always keep an open mind when a client comes to you. Everyone has different taste, and it's important to listen to the client and work with their concept." With her focused and sensitive leadership style, staff and clients know that Tina is listening to them.

"The people you meet in the industry keep me going," Tina says. "Our clients come back year after year. People come back to City Lights SF for help with their third and fourth homes." Clients come back to City Lights SF because of the high regard for customer service instilled in us by Tina and Nina. Our clients are more than a sale. We strive to see you all the way through a project and are only satisfied when you get what you truly want. We work in a culture of caring learned from decades of leaders who put people first, and we offer that same culture of care to everyone who walks in our door, clicks on our site, or calls on the phone. 

Come to City Lights SF for the lights. Come back for the people who shine them.

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